05 julho 2006

European Open Source News

Já saiu a Edição de Junho das notícias do Open Source Observatory do IDABC. O IDABC ( Interoperable Delivery of European eGovernment Services to public Administrations, Businesses and Citizens) é um departamento da Comissão Europeia.
O Open Source Observatory publica notícias constantemente, e depois reune-as num boletim mensal, que pode ser subscrito.

Notícias de Junho:

GL: One-stop support for Open Source Software in businesses [23 June 2006]
GL: Open Source diversity brings better security [23 June 2006]
GL: Linux on the move, Linux on your mobile [23 June 2006]
GL: Linux gets the global view at last [23 June 2006]
GL: Open Source plays a key role in software development, says report [21 June 2006]
GL: Java for all [16 June 2006]
DK: Danish parliament reaches 11th hour deal on Open Standards [16 June 2006]
EU: SELF-made educational Software [16 June 2006]
DE: Lower Saxony's tax authority switches to Linux [13 June 2006]
EU: Commission confirms unpatentability of software [13 June 2006]
EU: Free Software proponents condemn Microsoft's intransigence over patents [13 June 2006]
BR: Brazilian Government's Migration to Open Source takes further steps forward [13 June 2006]
BE: CommunesPlone project - Walloon Communes jointly opt for Open Source Software [13 June 2006]
EU: Shift to Open Source Software possible but there are obstacles, say EU researchers [12 June 2006]
IT: Campaign to promote wider use of Open Source Software in Italy [12 June 2006]
DE: German Federal IT agency presents new Open Source applications [12 June 2006]

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