06 abril 2006


Acabou hoje o LinuxWorld que decorreu em Boston de 3 a 6 de Abril. 4 dias dedicados ao Linux e a outro software open-source, que luxo. Muitos anúncios, muitas apresentações. Os pontos principais podem ser encontrados no "suplemento" do news.com sobre o assunto. Aqui ficam alguns:

Microsoft to 'open the doors' of Linux labs
The software giant will launch a Web site to communicate with customers who use Microsoft and open-source software.

Red Hat cancels Fedora Foundation
The company has other ideas for open-source patent protections and governance of its hobbyist Linux product.

Device support 'key' to desktop Linux
Hardware makers should do more to make their devices compatible with the open-source operating system, experts say.

Red Hat, Intel plan 17 development center
The two companies will open centers where customers and partners can ensure their software and hardware hum along on Linux.

Linux lab looks to bridge dueling interfaces
Project Portland is designed to sidestep differences between the two competing graphical interfaces most widely used with Linux.

Linux kernel adopts Oracle cluster file system
Oracle touts announcement that Cluster File System 2 for Linux will be distributed with the Linux kernel.

Novell CTO starts blogging
blog Jeffrey Jaffe, Novell's new chief technology officer, has become the latest Linux executive to try his hand at blogging.

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