13 junho 2007

Linus vs Jonathan

  • Linus Torvalds

“So to Sun, a GPLv3-only release would actually let them look good, and still keep Linux from taking their interesting parts, and would allow them to take at least parts of Linux without giving anything back (ahh, the joys of license fragmentation).
Of course, they know that. And yes, maybe ZFS is worthwhile enough that I'm willing to go to the effort of trying to relicense the kernel.”
  • Jonathan Schwartz
“Now despite what you suggest, we love where the FSF's GPL3 is headed. For a variety of mechanical reasons, GPL2 is harder for us with OpenSolaris - but not impossible, or even out of the question..”
“Are we after your drivers? No more than you're after ZFS or Crossbow or dtrace - it's not predation, it's prudence. Let's stop wasting time recreating wheels we both need to roll forward”
“We want to work together, we want to join hands and communities - we have no intention of holding anything back, or pulling patent nonsense. And to prove the sincerity of the offer, I invite you to my house for dinner. I'll cook, you bring the wine"

Versões completas aqui (Linus) e aqui (Jonathan)

2 comentários:

Rui Seabra disse...

Hilariante! Linus queixa-se do OpenSolaris usar a GPL3 do mesmo modo que Teo deRaadt se queixa do Linux usar a GPL2.

Quando tudo o que os impede de partilhar código é querer garantir a liberdade dos utilizadores :)


pvilela disse...

Linus Torvalds:

""I'm a fervent (believer and founding member) of the Free Food Foundation, and while Sun as usual has a few gotchas ('bring wine') in their licensing, it does sound like a good offer," he said."